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It's not easy being a teenager: the social cliques, the homework, the hormones, the family-sanctioned kidnappings forcing you to attend a combination of rehab, boot camp, and prison. We've told you before about the "troubled-teen" industry, wherein frustrated parents pay sketchy boarding schools exorbitant amounts of money to apply "tough love" that occasionally kills the recipient.

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Narcissists are bred, not born, by parents who tell them they are superior to others and deserve special treatment.

HypocriticalOath said. Also if more parents were like you maybe there would be fewer Newtown and Columbine massacres. Those parents were totally 'baffled' by their kids actions (well not Newtown as the mother died) but hello - you gotta be on top of this stuff. 66 Responses to “Top ten reasons managers become assholes”. Dina March 14, at am. Permalink. Let me do the right thing: I just came here for the first time to express my feeling about bad managers. I love the USA and I know how many people with families are being humiliated at their jobs by assholes.
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I get that people love to up-vote and encourage people who aren't the assholes, but this is ridiculous. Of the approximate top 30 "hot" posts right now, only one is a YTA post.

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This article is sequel to the popular Why women don’t really like nice guys? demystifying a phenomenon that is constantly observed by all men and yet still baffle most. Why women love jerks and assholes, what is the logic behind this, and what can we learn and use from that? The Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) was an American committee formed in with the stated goal of increasing parental control over the access of children to music deemed to have violent, drug-related or sexual themes via labeling albums with Parental Advisory stickers. The committee was founded by four women known as the "Washington Wives" – a reference to their husbands' .

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers mixed with The Sopranos.. Why Are They Assholes? Cuckoo bird parents like to use something called Brood Parasitism to raise their kids, which sounds like something involving alien monsters bursting out of their chests. The reality isn't all that much better. What happens is female cuckoos lay their eggs in some other birds' nest, where the little baby cuckoo. Brit. All you winning about parents spying on their children are idiots because cellphones and other electronic devices are a privilege and should be earned.

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Jesus Christ, people, I take a little personal time and turn this site into Badass of the Month for a little while and I’m already randomly encountering fucking mainstream non-Onion media articles debating the pros and cons of American Fascism and seeing non-ironic YouTube comments from wannabe suburban Hitlerjungend keyboard warriors whining that the latest video game trailer is “anti. Home. F ew dare speak the truth about people with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) (now classified as part of ASD, or “autism spectrum disorder”). When the truth comes out, a militant mob is mobilized. Their goal is to pummel the truth-tellers into silence, which leaves their partners and others without the information and support they need.

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